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Supported Processors:
* Socket 754 for AMD K8 Athlon 64/ Sempron processors.
* High-performance Hyper Transport CPU interface.
* Support transfer rate of 1600/1200/800/400 mega-transfers per second.

Special Features:
* nTune Easy, safe and high performance over-clocking available for NVIDIA NFORCE. Performance wizards allow automatic tuning for optimal performance or the quietest operation.
* NVRAID Uniquely allows users to assign an extra disk to any RAID volume so that should a disk failure occur NVIDIA RAID will automatically remote the failed disk and replace it with the spare.
* 10/100 LAN Provides 10/100 Mbps solution to your network connection.
* Color Map Color-coded pin headers and slots make it easy to match plug.
* K8 HT 1600 Provides with 1600MT/s system bus HT technology.
* DDR400 Enables the bandwidth of system memory up to 3.2 Gb/s
* 6 Channel Audio Supports DVD audio quality, bringing a high-quality 6-channel audio.
* SERIAL ATA Serial ATA is the next generation ATA specification that provides superior performance, with up to 150Mb/s data transfer rate. Serial ATA is faster than current Parallel ATA.

* NVIDIA nForce3 250 single chip

Main Memory:
* 2 x 184-pin DDR DIMM socket support up to 2 GB.
* Support DDR 400/333 MHz 2.5V DDR SDRAM

Expansion Slots:
* 1 x AGP 8X/4X slot
* 5 x PCI slots

* Supported by nForce3

* 4 x Ultra DMA133/100/66 devices
* 2 x Serial ATA devices
* RAID0, RAID1 & RAID 0+1 configuration

* Realtek ALC655 6-Channel audio CODEC
* Compliant with AC'97 2.3 specification

* Realtek RTL8201BL 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet PHY

* Award 2Mb Flash ROM
* Supports Plug and Play 1.0A, APM 1.2, Multi Boot, DMI
* Full support for ACPI revision 1.0 specification

Rear Panel I/O:
* 1 x PS/2 keyboard & PS/2 mouse connectors
* 4 x USB2.0 Ports
* 1 x RJ45 LAN connector
* 1 x EPP/ECP mode Parallel port (LPT1)
* 1 x 16550 high-speed Serial ports (COM1)
* 1 x Audio ports (Line-in, Line-out, Mic-in)

Internal I/O Connectors and Headers:
* Supports Plug and Play function
* 1 x 20-pin ATX Power Supply Connector & 4-pin 12V Connector
* 2 x Serial ATA connectors
* 1 x Floppy connector supports 360K~2.88M Bytes, 3 Mode FDDs or LS120
* 2 x IDE connectors - support four IDE devices
* 1 x SPDIF out header, CD-in / AUX in header
* 1 x Speaker header
* 2 x USB 2.0 header support additional 4 USB ports
* 1 x Front panel switch/LED header
* 1 x Front panel audio header
* CPU Fan / NB_FAN, and chassis Fan headers

Form Factor:
* ATX (295mm*205mm)

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Also included:

Manual, Utilities CD, I/O faceplate, IDE cable.