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Intel Pentium 4 processor at 2.66 GHz 506

1- This processor is based on the 90 nanometer process technology.
2- This processor requires a motherboard with support for 04A Platform Compatibility Guide processors.
3- This processor supports Execute Disable Bit Feature (XD)
4- This processor uses a physical signaling scheme of quad pumping the data transfers over a 133-MHz clocked system bus and a buffering scheme allowing for sustained 533-MHz data transfers

Spec Number SL8J8
Processor Frequency 2.66 GHz
CPUID String 0F41h
Core Voltage 1.25 V-1.400 V
Bus Speed 533 MHz
Thermal Guideline 84.0W
Core Stepping E0
Thermal Spec 67.7C
Manufacturing Technology 90 nanometer process technology
L2 Cache Size 1 MB
L2 Cache Speed 2.66 GHz
Bus/Core Ratio 20
Package Type 775 pin PLGA

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