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Diamond ATI TV Wonder 600 USB TV Tuner

The ATI TV Wonder HD 600. High-definition PVR offers a feature rich set of media abilities, transforming your PC into the ultimate entertainment system. Attach an amplified high definition antenna or your TV cable and you can watch, pause or record analog and digital live HDTV on your PC or convert your recorded TV shows to take with you on your Portable Media Player. This hybrid PCI tuner will delight a home theater enthusiast looking for great value in a multimedia PC TV tuner.


  • USB 2.0 Interface
  • F-Type coax connector for Analog TV (NTSC) or HDTV (ATSC)
  • S-video input with adapter
  • Stereo audio input with adapter
  • Composite video input with adapter
  • Hybrid TV Tuner Stick for: Over-the-air Digital TV / HDTV1 (ATSC) Over-the-air / Cable Analog TV (NTSC)
  • ATI Catalyst Media Center™ featuring: Full PVR and time shifting functionality DVD Playback Software2,3 DVD Authoring Software2,3,4 ATI Theater™ Video Converter
  • AMD LIVE!™ CD featuring AMD LIVE! On Demand
  • Remote control, control TV from a distance!
  • Telescopic antenna to receive free-to-air TV channels
  • Capture from VCRs, camcorders with the included audio/video input cable
Model: TVW600USB